About Me

True love will find the heart that is open to receive it

At 52 years of age, I’ve been truly challenged and truly blessed. I am first and foremost a student of life. I am an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, a speaker, and soon to be published author. I’ve also been a salesman, a pastor, a short order cook, a sanitation worker, a dishwasher, a welder, fabricator and a millwright. I’ve even been a tour guide at Colossal Cave in Arizona… If it has interested me; I pursued it to the satisfaction of my desire.

I discovered a profound truth early, and now without reservation or doubt believe that to live a fully passionate and successful life, one must bring value to those whose lives are touched by his own. I’ve also learned there is no greater power that the power of love and that without a rich spiritual life founded in truth, life is dull unproductive, and without joy or purpose.

I’ve also learned that fear is not to be tolerated in one’s mind, and should be evicted the very moment it rears its ugly head! My own amazing journey continues, and I fully expect that at the end of my long day, I will have lived every passion and succeeded in every dream. I will have loved and in turn, received love. I will then enter into the fullness of fellowship with my redeemer and promptly explore the universe! What more could a man desire?


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